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Our mission is to Nurture Youth Of Diverse Background Into Men/Women Of Profound Characters And Academic Distinction, Through Teaching, Mentoring, Best Practices And Fear Of God, For The Greatness Of The Country And Global Community

Skypoint Angels’ Academy International

Skypoint angels` academy international (SAAI) is located in the heart of Abuja – the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria and other parts of our states. We are a private school. The School officially commence academic activities in September 13th2013, giving pupils and students great opportunities to grow, as well as discover their potentials.


Our focus skypoint angels` academy international (saai) is as follows:

  • Expanding the level of science and mathematics teaching and learning.
  • Implementing an information science and technology culture.
  • Emphasizing scientific sport development
  • Fostering an entrepreneurship culture.
  • Instilling positive cultural life values and discipline in the teaching and learning programme.
  • Raising the academic excellence and performance of students.

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A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary regelialia. It is a paradise


Want to enroll your child or make any enquiries about our school and how we operate to ensure we give your child the best education.

Skypoint angel’s academy International provides a high-quality British / Nigeria curricular with good educational content, planning, and teaching techniques. The curriculum is challenging, inspiring, adaptable and flexible.

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